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April: Letter from Palm Beach: Georgia On My Mind

Georgia Avenue, that is. A parallel in more than one way to its better–known cousin The Dixie Highway

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March: Letter from Palm Beach: Street of Dreams

The Homes of Golfview Road Are Like the Children of Lake Wobegone, They're All Above Average.

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December/January: Letter from Palm Beach: Random Acts of Beauty

What's the opposite of brain drain?

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November: Letter from Palm Beach: Got Science?

Palm Beach "STEM" Talk Isn't Always About Martini Glasses.

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October: Letter from Palm Beach: Floating Your Boat

A rising tide lifts all boats, and now in Palm Beach, it lifts all docks as well.

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September: Letter from Palm Beach: The Great Race!

Time, Tide and Taxes are among the few certainties in life. In Palm Beach you can add one more– the end of condo renovation season.

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July/August: Letter from Palm Beach: The Tree of Paradise

Cleopatra isn't the only sovereign with a barge. Above is a 42,000 lb, 50' wide Green Buttonwood tree.

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June: Letter from Palm Beach: It's the Time of the Season

It’s the time of the season when things are supposed to get quiet.

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May: Letter from Palm Beach: A Tale of Three Bridges

One of the hurdles to attaining true locals status here is figuring our what the heck Palm Beachers mean by "the middle bridge."

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April: Letter from Palm Beach: You’ll Never Go Hungry

You'll never go hungry in Palm Beach because of all the sand-which-is there!

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March: Letter from Palm Beach: Double Shot of My Baby's Love

All anyone in Palm Beach seems to be talking about is whether they've had their second shot.

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February: Letter from Palm Beach: Green Grow the Markets, O!

When its white up north, we've got your greens!

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January: Letter from Palm Beach: All Things Bright and Beautiful

To give our new baby a break from the cold we trundle her stroller into an Oak Street antique prints shop.

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December: Letter from Palm Beach: A Covid Christmas

Families set tables outside in the clean fresh air and called in the florists for beautiful, intimate dinners.

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November: A Letter from Palm Beach: Kids!

I Thought I Was Old and Rich 'til I Moved to Palm Beach

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