Palm Beach - The North End

Welcome to Palm Beach - The North End

Like most of Palm Beach, the North End is really a collection of micro-neighborhoods running north from Royal Poinciana Way, the town’s old original Main Street. Closest in there are magical 1920’s homes in the ocean blocks of Dunbar Road and Everglade Avenue. Further north you’ll find estate homes in the elegant redevelopment of the old Phipps Estate. And up where the island narrows towards its tip are the incredibly popular “cabana streets” like Mockingbird and Ocean Terrace with their beachside neighborhood associations at one end of the block and miles-long Lake Trail at the other. 

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As a real estate team, Lisa and John Cregan comprise a perfectly complementary set of skills- Lisa’s deep knowledge of architecture and interior design combined with John’s decades of experience in market analysis, finance and negotiation.

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